Why Trend Trading

Why Technical Analysis

Underpinning Trend Trading is Technical Analysis - to those unfamiliar with the term, it simply means trading price action. This style of trading accepts that all known variables are factored into the price almost instantaneously particularly given the efficiencies of the current markets through the electronic communication networks that now exist. As technical traders we do not sit and ask why, we accept what we see and trade accordingly. By the time others know why, a good technical trader should already be in profit. We are reality traders, we trade what is on the charts, not what is in our minds or hearts.

Why Trend Trading

Within the school of technical analysis lies one of the most established trading techniques of all time - Trend Trading. Having studied, observed and performed countless techniques and styles of trading Trend Trading remains our preferred foundation for new traders and particularly suits those who will not be trading full time from the outset. Why is this our experience? Having assisted and worked with countless individual traders from all over the world some key issues arise time and time again.

Your Time:

It is fair to say most individuals coming to trading do not intend to trade full time nor do they generally intend to rely primarily on trading financially, in the immediate future at least. These facts are not necessarily disadvantageous, in fact quite the opposite. Were the individual to be reliant financially on trading from the very beginning of their development, from a pressure and stress perspective, it is extremely likely this would be counterproductive. The same applies to beginning trading full time as typically a more gradual mentoring based introduction has much more positive results. Typically traders are in full time employment and have their own personal lives too, which between both, as we all know, leaves very little spare time. This is something which is very often overlooked and understated by promoters of various trading styles. These operators fall into one of two categories. Either they promote extremely labour intensive styles of trading which are unlikely to yield reasonable returns based on minimal time input or they offer styles of trading which purport to yield phenomenal returns with minimal input. The Ultimate Trader Programme offers trading styles which give the trader the ability to evaluate his or her position at whatever time of day suits them best. There is no necessity to be at your screen, coffee in hand, for the London open or away from your daily activities and focusing on your trading platform at the opening bell of the US. You trade when it suits your life. The techniques taught were developed with this in mind at all times and offer extremely respectable potential returns.

Your Educational Experience and the Overburdening Effect of Variables:

New traders don't have a vast amount of experience trading. No major shock there. However proponents of fundamental analysis and most other trading styles which we have experience of tend to leave a huge amount of room for discretionary decisions based on previously unmentioned and often highly unforeseeable variables. First off let us briefly give you an insight into discretionary trading. It is fair to say that there are those out there who trade with a high degree of discretion and do so extremely well. It is also fair to say that these traders represent a very small percentage of the overall trading community. This is akin to professionals in a particular sporting field, who although they operate phenomenally they represent an extraordinarily small cross section of society. So what separates these top traders or sports people from all others? Well success can be divided into individual headings for the purposes of this example. Great coaching, practice and determination. Let's examine great coaching first. Do we believe that the best traders in the world started without any mentoring of any description or that our favourite sports personality received no external guidance? Surely not. Do we believe that their guidance was short in duration and had an immeasurable amount of unmentioned variables outside of what they were taught and that they were left to their own devices to discover these often to their detriment? Surely not. Typically traders develop rule based approaches and after many years of profitable experience they further develop those rules and apply their own discretion sparingly. In light of this, the Academy of Financial Trading offers education which focuses on structured rule based trading. You can perfect and hone your skills here. To do this you will need to deploy the same methods of both the very best traders and sportspeople - practice and determination. We will be here to assist you throughout your development. We do not simply offer our training and part company because we understand what it truly takes to become successful.

Your Strategy:

The New Trader doesn't have a strategy for trading. Again this is quite obvious and explanatory in the fact the trader is a New Trader. [for the purposes of this discussion New Trader means inexperienced or as yet unprofitable] Most new traders want a black and white set of rules to trade from. They want limited scope for discretion when applying those rules as they accept they have very limited experience from which to draw their own decisions. They require continuous support to develop their trading. They want and expect all of this from honest, transparent educators. It is with these principles in the mind that the Academy of Financial Trading was born and the Ultimate Trader Programme aims to and does in fact achieve all of the above.
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