Reviews And Awards

The courses offered by the Academy of Financial Trading are superb. I attended the Foundation Trading program in January 2015 and then the Ultimate Traders Program in April 2015 and both were excellent. All attendees to the courses receive an Account Manager who is available to give you individual support and assistance. After the course was completed, my Account Manager still kept in touch with me to find out how my trading was going and if I needed any extra support and assistance which he was glad to give on an ongoing basis whenever I required. I highly recommend the Financial Trading Courses offered by the Academy of Financial Trading for anyone who is interested in learning how to trade financial markets.
Kreyan K.

My name is Sue. I work with my husband in our family bakery in Tauranga, New Zealand. We have two adult children. But what people don’t know about me is that thanks to the Academy of Financial Trading I am a successful Financial Trader!
Sue B.

I highly recommend everyone who is interested in trading to take the Ultimate Traders Program. This academy is very helpful. The courses offered are very interesting and clear and the best part is the support team. Thank you so much AFT!!!! Your the best!!!!
Melissa P.

I recently became interested in learning the art of trading, as I was looking for something that was more reliable and scientific than just participating in the stock market trying to pick the right shares to buy and sell. I was a bit uncertain at first about doing this course as I was concerned that trading was particularly volatile and involved too much risk taking. What a positive surprise this course proved to be! The guys at AcademyFT are extremely professional in their approach and their understanding of risk management and analysis was a real eye-opener for me. This course taught me more about investor psychology, risk management and a disciplined investing mindset than anything else I had come across in all the years I had bought and sold in the share market. I quickly realised just how thorough and thoughtful the AcademyFT approach to trading was, and having completed this course there was never any doubt that I would follow it up with the Ultimate Traders Course.
Gerry, Australia

I had wanted to take a good course in financial trading for a long time but could not find one which could actually teach "from the inside of markets danger and opportunities". It always felt like something not spoken of. One day I got an advertisement where I found the "Foundation Course in Financial Trading" and then I thought "yeah, maybe it'll work, maybe not. We'll see what they have to say. Let's try and find out." Honestly guys...after my first lesson the answer was "They know what they're talking about". I had a good feeling about this course and came to the next lesson and to the next . . . I missed the l0th lesson because of my job but it wasn't a problem because I had access to the video 24 hours after the lesson ended. One remarkable thing to write about... all of the letters that I wrote to them concerning different questions from "how can I access my lesson videos" to "what is margin" were answered within 24 hours, usually quicker.
Pavel K

2013 heralded the year that "I was going to increase my financial literacy". A self imposed project for the year. One of the things I decided to do was learn about on-line trading. I knew absolutely nothing. I enrolled for the Foundation course and attended the webinars, not only were they professionally presented but the information was broken down into sections that enabled a novice like myself to follow. I enjoyed the sessions and the educator (like a true Irishman) injected humour quite often. Sometimes it was just nice listening to his accent. Like anything worth doing, it took time and I went over sessions again myself to embed what I had learnt before the next session. All questions asked; no matter how simplistic during the webinars or individually via emails were answered promptly and professionally. The resources available such as the webinar sessions that a member can watch and listen to anytime are invaluable.
Helen P. New Zealand

Having been learning to trade for a year or so, using demo accounts, I was finding that whilst I wasn't necessarily making huge losses, it was always one step forward and another backwards, I was, I suppose, treading water. I felt that I needed further tuition. I enrolled on the foundation course with already some idea of trading and what it entails but I needed guidance to put the thought processes together into a logical format for trading. Well that is exactly what I got. The great thing is that anybody without prior knowledge needn't be concerned that they will be left behind, disappearing into a pile of jargon and phrases which only seasoned traded understand. Throughout each online session you are free to enter questions into the chat box which will all be addressed at the end of the webinar. I personally have also bombarded the team with emails over the last 12months and not one has gone unanswered, for which I am eternally grateful. The ongoing support quite simply is unparalleled. Also the complete webinars are made available online and you are given log in details so you can keep going back over them as much as you need whenever you like. This is a great tool because it is amazing how many comments/tips/observations didn’t go in the first, second or third time even though you were convinced it had your undivided attention. It was from this positive step forward, and the already admirable support I was being given, which gave me the confidence in The Academy of Financial Trading to take the plunge and enrol on their Ultimate Traders course, which is where the learning curve really steps up a few gears. . . and I am glad I did. I make no hesitation in recommending enrolment onto both the foundation and/or ultimate traders program and have indeed already done so to other people I know with an interest in trading.
Paul R

What I thoroughly enjoyed about the Trading Foundation Course, was that we were not encouraged to trade but were reminded of the dangers regularly and this kept us grounded. The lessons were extremely well structured. This I greatly appreciated, as I do not have a background in investing, trading or banking but could follow easily enough.
Melanie B

I will be very quick in writing, because I am sure there is plenty people out there who are satisfied and also want to share their own impressions about this great academy (so I won't take much space on the website wall). :) Actually, I wanted to write and write more, but the only word that was running throw my head constantly upon course ending was "PERFECT"! Every single aspect of interaction between people from the academy and myself was precisely PERFECT. They were polite all the time, always answering all the questions in the shortest time frame possible, and most of all they were professional beyond limits (I worked with some people already in this area, so I know how to separate those who know what they are talking about and the other ones, trust me). All in all, I just want to recommend this course to everyone who wants to get into the trading provides faster progress and in the same time it is far less expensive. Final words...I CAN'T WAIT TO ATTEND UTP COURSE ONE DAY, IT WILL BE PHENOMENAL!
Stanko R

I have attended the Foundation and the Ultimate Traders Programmes and I have found them both extremely valuable from a theoretical and practical perspective. AFT goes that extra mile to stress the importance of risk management and capital preservation, which is critical to whoever approaches the business with the questionable idea of making easy money in mind. Besides getting access to the practical tools needed to start off, the courses provide the knowledge and the mind frame necessary not to fall victims to the most common pitfalls and ultimately fail. Thank you.
Elisa, London

The Academy FT Foundation course was far superior to the other providers. The content was delivered well and done in an interactive style, this was of huge benefit as it allows questions which means full understanding. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of support time that was put in from AcademyFT. They really do care that everyone understands what they teach.... It is a good sign when you look forward to the days the course is taking place!
Chris B

I loved this course! I took it because I was completely ignorant about finance and financial terms and wanted to learn more. I was so impressed with the teaching style – very down-to-earth with an honest, open approach. The content was outstanding – far better than I ever expected, and the best part was that you could go back and re-listen to lectures, which is better that sitting in a classroom and getting only one crack at it. When I emailed my questions, I got speedy responses despite the 7-hour time difference. That’s impressive!
Liz H

I would like to thank the whole team of AFT for sharing their knowledge, experience and passion for trading, for their continuous support and commitment. I took both ‘’Foundation’’ and ‘’Advanced’’ courses. Not having any previous trading experience, just financial background, I really enjoyed and am happy of choosing AFT. As anything else what you want to succeed in, it requires your will, dedication and patience to a degree. For me its just the beginning of the ‘’journey’’ and still a lot of work ahead to master those skills and apply and test the techniques that have been taught. I wish everyone good luck. And thank you again, AFT.
Elena Z

Imagine the film Jaws. Scary waters filled with big fish and just when you think it is safe, along comes another nasty shock. This sums up my previous experience in trading. It was a disaster and I was highly sceptical that trading was nothing but some kind of scam and the organizers were probably trying to make some easy money. After all in my mind, if you can make money trading, why waste time teaching? Then the reality. The team were incredibly patient and I didn't hide my scepticism. Support was quick efficient and thorough when answering any questions and queries I have had in great detail. The course was well structured, delivered with enthusiasm, motivational and was filled with live examples. It was also fun! I really enjoyed it and what was important for me was it included introductions to on-line demo accounts, how to set up and utilise. So this really was a full foundation course with no content left unconsidered. It is an essential course to gaining a solid grounding in trading, understanding the terminology and essential to understanding the strategies taught at the higher level course, also taught by the academy.
Philip I

I was looking for another way to boost my income and the fact that I was rapidly approaching retirement; it seemed that trading in the financial markets would be an ideal avenue to explore even though I was a complete novice. Also, coming from a teaching background I was quite particular about how I would learn. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. The content of the sessions was very engaging and the teacher with his inimitable style, had the knack of making this course so interesting that you dare not miss the next video. In between sessions I made time to consolidate the information which prepared me for what was to come. Everything had a sequential flow and fitted seamlessly into the jig-saw to give you a well-rounded picture of what trading was all about.
Glenn A